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Discovery of Ecotourism in Toba

What is “Toba Ecotourism?” 

The beautiful sea of Toba contributed to the realization of the first pearl cultivation in the world, people living on the islands in Toba Bay have kept their own traditional lifestyle, and the culture of female divers, known as "ama," has been passed down for generations. Toba City, which is part of Ise-Shima National Park with abundant nature today, has inherited attractive cultures, industries and landscapes from generation to generation. Based on the concept of "circulation" and "collaboration" mentioned below, we promote our "ecotourism" in cooperation with local communities to build a new tourism business model by making the best use of such attractive local heritages as well as to conserve local resources and bring profit to the region.

"Circulation" and "Collaboration"
Circulation: preservation of rich and attractive local heritages to pass down to future generations, mutual communication and understanding between local residents and tourists, economic circulation for regional development, etc.
Collaboration: cross-industrial collaboration to implement "resource conservation," "tourism promotion" and "regional development" in partnership with those who are engaged in tourism business as well as in other business fields.

Discovery of Ecotourism in Toba


Contact with Nature

Many different types of ecotours have been offered so that the participants can fully enjoy the great nature of Toba: snorkeling and sea kayaking tours to learn about the marine organisms in the forest of seaweed, tours to observe natural rocky shores on deserted islands, tours to enjoy the mysterious light emitted by sea-fireflies in the night sea, etc.

Encounter with People

While on a trip, it is always great fun to meet new people: you can learn about the sea from fishermen and ama divers, hear the ideas and opinions of craftspeople and sales clerks of local shops, enjoy the heartwarming hospitality of the staff of hotels and souvenir shops, share joys with other tourists, etc.

Local Specialties

Thanks to Toba's rich natural environment, tourists can frequently have a chance to enjoy a wide variety of seafood, including lobster and abalone, as well as local dishes that have been cherished by the residents of the city. You must be amazed to see how wonderful such natural blessings are and how skillfully they are cooked.

Contact with Toba's Life Culture

In Toba, you can discover a lot of differences in landscape and lifestyle between urbanized areas and fishing villages: people living in some areas utilize sea breeze and protect themselves from possible natural threats. By learning about such unique efforts, travelers can definitely get more wisdom of living.

Even for Educational Purposes

We also offer cooking classes for school children as well as courses to help them develop the basic skills required as "island ecotour guides" in the aim of persistent area preservation. Besides, children can learn more about their community from the viewpoint of "tourism" and improve their communication skills by taking more pride in their hometown.

Feel Something in Toba!
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